"Cats are evil....why don't you just get a dog".... If I got a dollar for everytime I've heard this statement or one like it I wouldn't have to worry about cat litter for the rest fo the year! Whats up with all the cat hate? Why does everyone love dogs and hate cats? Maybe it's because cats were associated with witches and witchcraft. Or maybe its because they've managed to domesticate us humans without us even knowing.  If anything they deserve some praise for that. I won't lie though, I too was a cat hater. I believed every negative thing I heard about cats. To my defense though, I also hated every other animal. My earliest memory of a cat was when one wandered into my yard. My mother quickly warned me not to go near it as cats are known to attack people. What a load of crap! I continued to hear sentiments like this from friends and movies. Cats are bad, they scratch and bite you. Stay very very far away! Fast forward 15 years and now I sleep in a bed with two cats.

          Seriously though, if people took the time to even try to understand cats there wouldn't be all this misinformation. For starters...cats don't just attack and kill people out of the blue lol. If anything a cat is going to run and hide from you. They're full of personality. They really are independent and enjoy being the boss of everything. When I got my first cat I was so terrified. I was highly unqualified for the position of cat mom. Within 3 days of owning Sigmund he was bleeding on my couch and I was screaming on the phone to my vet (that's a story for another time). Anyway, that traumatic incident prompted me to do some research about cats. The amount of information available on the internet for first time cat owners is so impressive. I watched videos, read blogs, read veterinary pages all so I could understand this strange being. This built my confidence and I was no longer paranoid that my cat would kill me in my sleep.

       The negative myths about cats are endless. I'm sure dogs are lovely but they're completely different from cats and the comparisons are unnecessary. I spend a lot of time trying to convince my friends that cats aren't evil. Sadly I've come to the conclusion that they'll never understand until they own one. Im slowly working on getting my friends to adopt. If you're reading this and you're thinking of getting a cat my advice is YESS!!!! You won't regret it and pretty soon you'll want more. To my cat lovers .....What are some crazy myths you've heard about cats? Comment below I'd love to know!


Until next time

-Marissa :)


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