A feline focused online store, located in Trinidad and Tobago. 


To bring luxury and accessibility to the cat industry in T&T. It's important to me that cat owners are able to easily obtain a variety of cat products, from basic food and grooming products to cat trees and cat strollers. I want you to spoil your babies with ease. Cats have been overlooked by pet stores for years and I want to change that.  Our Furr babies need love and attention too :)

                                   founder and CEO of kitty kornertt with her cats.


The idea of Kitty KornerTT came to me in July 2020. I won't take all the credit though. My baby Sigmund had a huge part to play in the creation and development of this store. My name is Dr. Marissa Edmund and Kitty KornerTT is my middle child. I have two domestic short haired cats, 1year old Sigmund and 6 months old Luke. Think of them as the board members of this company. Growing up I wasn't allowed to have pets. In fact I was an avid animal hater. Adopting my first pet Sigmund was truly a life changing decision. I am now utterly obsessed with all things feline. I've spent countless hours researching and learning about cats and the best cat products on the market. It is my goal to provide the cat owners of T&T with the best products to throughly spoil their babies.


In the near future I hope to partner Kitty KornerTT with adoption and rescue groups across the country. I also intend to provide educational content via my social media pages and website.