Help! I’m obsessed with cats!! Utterly obsessed. How did this even happen? WHEN did it happen? I’m really not sure. How did I go from being an avid animal hater to now running a cat business and basically worshipping my cats *face palm*. 

If you told me or anyone who knows me in this lifetime that I would be a thirty-one year old cat lady we would have 100% laughed in your face. My friends and family think I've gone mad. They're probably plotting my intervention as we speak (lol). I’m still not sure if im going through an early mid life crisis. My cats are my favourite entities on this earth. ....Can you tell that I'm single lol (Side note: I wish I could insert emojis to this for you to fully grasp my emotions but we work with what we have).

Anyway, I adopted my first cat Sigmund in July 2020. Long story short...he changed my life. I didn't know I was capable of loving anything this much. I guess this is how people feel about their human babies. His entry into my life has made me into a major softy. I’m now kinder and more empathetic than ever before. He's showed me how to love unconditionally. Even when he goes outside and refuses to come back in. Or when he wakes me up before my alarm demanding food. He's the reason Kitty Kornertt exists and I wouldn't be who I am today without him. 

For the first few months of having Sigmund I refused to call myself a cat person. I was afraid of the stigma attached to the “crazy cat lady”. Fast forward to 2021, I now have a second cat Luke. I slow down whenever I see a stray kitty in the road just to slow blink and wave. My entire social media is just videos of cats being cute. I’m now officially a crazy cat person. Guess what though.......I wouldn't rather be anything else! Cats are awesome and you wouldn’t understand until you own one. Shoutout to all my cat people out there. We're in this crazy cat world together.

Until next time. 


-Marissa :)

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  • Love this blog! It’s so nice to hear how one thing can completely change your life. Keep up the good work, and I love your products ;)


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